Countdown To Liquor Day

The world doesn’t need another guitar manufacturer. That is the #1 reason RedRock Guitars does not begin production and marketing of its exclusive works. There are too many global manufacturers servicing the wide scope of price points for us to compete. But we have better guitars and ideas than the current manufacturers are offering.  So, what to do?

We thought it best to offer the concepts to proven market manufacturers and labels.

Tough road. Some of the rational responses can be summed up as:

  • They have in-house departments that must be doing something else.
  • They have photocopiers to introduce new designs
  • It costs a lot of money to tool up for first to market and far less to be subsequent plagiarizer/profiteers. Les and Leo would be horrified.
  • Consumers love the current models and have done so for decades. Some years they offer tribute guitars of artists they basically ignored when they were alive or relevant.

The goal is for a forward thinking guitar manufacturer to use our current works and co-develope further improvements to guitars and basses. If thats someone you represent, click here.

But we are realists.  The  site was created February 19, 2014 with a one year goal of finding a manufacturer to produce our current and future designs.

Getting them to seriously consider new designs and hardware is like convincing a record label to promote a new style of music; Punk to the Pope, Glee to the Goth.  We do know the easiest way to get a guitar company to drool uncontrollably is to have a celebrity endorser at the meeting.  Because its not how good the endorser plays that causes under-table-fistpumps as much as how good the endorser would be.  If you can tolerate this and are such a endorser, please contact us immediately.

Should we not be successful in finding a manufacturer to produce our works, we will be closing the site 11pm pst February 18th, 2015 as well as the effort.  We have a running timer on the top of the site. Its called “Countdown To Liquor Day”. At that point, our works are not available to be produced, reproduced or copied in any manner. Because we said so.  So act quickly, tell a friend, shout it from your rooftop, do that twitter thing, whatever. And thanks.

Thanks World, For Checking Out RedRock Guitars

While  the main objective of this site is to encourage guitar manufacturers to licence our designs, the sidewash of the experience has many bonuses. Attached below is our weekly stat report. It is always interesting to learn who is checking out our designs. But can anybody explain where “Unknown” Countries are? I thought we found them all…

Countries   Percentage
National flag of United States United States   21.35 %
Unknown   18.58 %
National flag of Canada Canada   14.17 %
National flag of Turkey Turkey   12.24 %
National flag of China China   10.17 %
National flag of France France   4.42 %
National flag of Germany Germany   2.21 %
National flag of European Union European Union   1.75 %
National flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg   1.47 %
National flag of Russian Federation Russian Federation   1.37 %
National flag of Viet Nam Viet Nam   0.88 %
National flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic   0.88 %
National flag of Morocco Morocco   0.84 %
National flag of Thailand Thailand   0.77 %
National flag of Indonesia Indonesia   0.77 %
National flag of Netherlands Netherlands   0.7 %
National flag of Ukraine Ukraine   0.63 %
National flag of Taiwan Province Of China Taiwan Province Of China   0.6 %
National flag of Romania Romania   0.56 %
National flag of Georgia Georgia   0.46 %
National flag of Belarus Belarus   0.46 %
National flag of Argentina Argentina   0.46 %
National flag of Estonia Estonia   0.42 %
National flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh   0.42 %
National flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria   0.39 %
National flag of Poland Poland   0.32 %
National flag of Latvia Latvia   0.28 %
National flag of India India   0.25 %
National flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom   0.25 %
National flag of Singapore Singapore   0.14 %
National flag of Sweden Sweden   0.14 %
National flag of Serbia Serbia   0.14 %
National flag of Mexico Mexico   0.14 %
National flag of Japan Japan   0.14 %
National flag of Italy Italy   0.14 %
National flag of Israel Israel   0.14 %
National flag of Pakistan Pakistan   0.11 %
National flag of Republic Of Korea Republic Of Korea   0.11 %
National flag of Bahrain Bahrain   0.11 %
National flag of Reserved Reserved   0.07 %
National flag of Venezuela Venezuela   0.07 %
National flag of Hungary Hungary   0.07 %
National flag of Guatemala Guatemala   0.07 %
National flag of Spain Spain   0.07 %
National flag of Denmark Denmark   0.07 %
National flag of Chile Chile   0.07 %
National flag of Brazil Brazil   0.07 %
National flag of New Zealand New Zealand   0.04 %
National flag of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka   0.04 %

Stanley Finds A Home


“Stanley” has moved out. Redrock Guitars may not sell prototypes as a rule but we love a good cause. “Stanley” was won as a prize at a private event. Won by an artist who plays and builds Theremins and analogue electronic musical devices. It can be a perfect world. 

  • The body & neck of “Stanley” is timber from the Stanley Park Storm of 2006. The wood was gifted by a Squamish Nation Master Carver.
  • The body is 1-piece solid 200 year old Western Red Cedar
  • The neck is 1000 year old 1-piece quarter-cut yellow cedar. It was an off-cut from the main log which was used in the natural totem pole now on display at Stanley Park.
  • The neck has a chunky profile. There are two main reasons: Thick necks sustain and are more durable. And you can always carve a neck to as thin as you want. But you can’t un-carve a neck and make it thicker. Micarta profiled nut.
  • Caramelized Eastern Maple 25.5” scale flat-scalloped fretboard w/Western Maple position markers.
  • Pickups: Seymour Duncan SH1-N (neck); SH4 (Bridge)
  • Controls: Neck Volume/ Master Tone/ 3-Way Switch. With the switch in the bridge position, the bridge pickup is full volume, always.
  • Hand made by Sean Mara, Vancouver BC 2014

Another blast From The Past: 1988 ST Mara Mor Paul


I was talking to someone about the little guitar posted below and they reminded me about one of the best guitars made during that period. It was called a Mor Paul and looked like a L*s Paul with a bite out of it. Made about 10 of them and all were “special”. I gave one to a great guitar player, Brad Kent, who played with a number of punk and F bands in the day. Someone found a tiny pic on the net” (thanks Len at Fiasco Bros) Thats the guitar and Brad in the middle. Like most things back then, I wish I knew where they were now…

A Little Rock’n’Roll Guitar From The Past

IMG_3652 In 1988 I made around 100 custom guitars. This was the same time I owned a couple of rehearsal spaces, The Sound Space. Great times connecting with bands of all levels.Towards the end of the year, I wanted to make a guitar for my then 3 year old son.  I made a pair of these ( no idea who got the other one). This little guitar was made by cutting it out of a 1 pickup full size guitar body and the fretboard is a 25.5″ scale but from the 12th fret. The instrument is tuned to a D as E is too tight.  It has a series/parallel split rail pickup and you can get some amazing tones, both through clean and ‘roided amps. The simple tung-oil finish has endured and feels great.

Being a three year old, the guitar was used as a battle shield, tennis racket, almost everything but an instrument.  So it sat in storage for 25 years.

This November 11, 2014, I became a freakin’ Grandpa. Too soon! Any grandson of mine is going to have a guitar from day 1 so I restored the guitar and it is now happily in the nursery, waiting to wail some wicked nursery tunes from Seth Thomson Mara.


Want to Demo a RedRock Guitar or Bass?

 “If I sold them, how would artists try them?” Sean Mara, DTES


Thank you for the emails asking about my work and wanting to try the guitars and basses.  Please remember, I’m not some @#* trying to get you to buy; I want your honest opinion on the prototypes. The objective is to get a good guitar manufacturer to make/market the original designs and special construction.  Your input is the most important factor in bringing new work to the market.

See our Inventory Available if you would like to try one out. Then contact us with details.


RedRock Guitars Intellectual Property Rights and Protection Policy

Redrock Guitars Web Site Intellectual Property Rights and Protection Policy


By using our web site you agree to the following:

All designs, concepts, construction and presentations on this site are the sole property of RedRock Guitars. We do not copy other companies work and we do not allow unlisenced copies, whether actual or a stylistic interpitation of RRG designs and all instruments. All designs have been legally  protected in accordance with local and national laws. By viewing any image of RRG or any image of a RRG product you agree never to copy or otherwise use for personal or commercial gain said image or images without expressed consent by RRG.

Having said that, we are all about authorizing manufacturers to produce our work under lisence. Whether you need approval to distribute images internally, build prototypes for testing/marketing or wish to build/market/distribute or designs, please contact us first. We have done enough legally to protect each design and concept. So please: contact us first and we can all be happy.

Bastard Guitar Design and Bass Get a Name: eFin

IMG_3475Whats in a name?

 If you love the ground and I love the sky; will we ever see eye to eye?  

Sometimes it takes a while before the right name applies itself.  I could call it a Thunder Buffalo or that string of alphabet soup some manufacturers tag their models with.

Since I don’t have a celebrity endorser for this guitar yet, it needs a name: eFin.  After playing them for a while and more importantly having others test them, one thing became clear very quickly:

its an eFin great guitar design.

Please tell your favourite manufacturers.