One Day Guitar Build: 5 String Newman Keith Richards NTB Slide Guitar

The "plan" and semi-finished guitar
The “plan” and semi-finished guitar

Followers may have noticed there has been no build update for a week or so. Thats because the guitars were getting into their final details and its kind of secret. There are off to the finishing departments for some old school paint-jobs with a modern twist.

I’ve been planning a much needed break for a little oceanside recreation and have been winding things down at the shop. But I had this project in mind I just had to do. Years ago, somebody gave me a Rolling Stones book and there was an actual blueprint of a guitar ( and a good back-story). A strange 5 string; I tried to contact Newman, no luck. I figured” Blow the blueprint up to scale and bang the guitar out in 1 day”. And thats what I did. I did get a head start by having a neck-blank laminated but aside from that it was everything else from the trussrod to the finished guitar. I LOVE it. In the pic, there are no frets and the neck wasn’t shaped. Thats because I fret and shape after the guitar is complete. You get a better playing fretboard that way. The guitar is now off for a relic honey-finish and I’ll update the completed guitar pics in a month or so after the finish is cured. $3000. If anyone knows Mr. Newman, tell him thanks and to get in touch. Anyway, enjoy the pics.

It starts with the truss rod
It starts with the truss rod
Glued up and ready to go
Glued up and ready to go
On the level
On the level
Hand work...
Hand work…



“Sick” Graffiti Artist tags RedRock Guitars building

Renowned graffiti artist”Sick” from Germany created a worthy addition to Vancouver’s Graffiti Alley, tagging our shop doors at 1000 Parker St/Vancouver. The whole area was cleaned up with brown paint first, thanks to the buildings owner, The Beedie Group. A great company that foster arts in the city. “Sick” is a true artist, you will find his art around the world and then some. Thanks!


RedRock Custom Guitars & Repair Shop Opens In Vancouver

Just a short while ago I was set on having my guitars made offshore and mass marketing them. The more I discovered, the less I liked. In reaction, I’ve decided to open a custom build and repair shop in Vancouver. Its located near Clarke & Venables and is open by appointment.

There are 3 guitars and 1 bass in production right now and I’ll be adding pics fairly regularly.

The next batch will be 12 guitars. If you are interested in trying a guitar, please get in touch