“Sick” Graffiti Artist tags RedRock Guitars building

Renowned graffiti artist”Sick” from Germany created a worthy addition to Vancouver’s Graffiti Alley, tagging our shop doors at 1000 Parker St/Vancouver. The whole area was cleaned up with brown paint first, thanks to the buildings owner, The Beedie Group. A great company that foster arts in the city. “Sick” is a true artist, you will find his art around the world and then some. Thanks!


RedRock Custom Guitars & Repair Shop Opens In Vancouver

Just a short while ago I was set on having my guitars made offshore and mass marketing them. The more I discovered, the less I liked. In reaction, I’ve decided to open a custom build and repair shop in Vancouver. Its located near Clarke & Venables and is open by appointment.

There are 3 guitars and 1 bass in production right now and I’ll be adding pics fairly regularly.

The next batch will be 12 guitars. If you are interested in trying a guitar, please get in touch