Want to Demo a RedRock Guitar or Bass?

 “If I sold them, how would artists try them?” Sean Mara, DTES


Thank you for the emails asking about my work and wanting to try the guitars and basses.  Please remember, I’m not some @#* trying to get you to buy; I want your honest opinion on the prototypes. The objective is to get a good guitar manufacturer to make/market the original designs and special construction.  Your input is the most important factor in bringing new work to the market.

See our Inventory Available if you would like to try one out. Then contact us with details.


RedRock Guitars Intellectual Property Rights and Protection Policy

Redrock Guitars Web Site Intellectual Property Rights and Protection Policy


By using our web site you agree to the following:

All designs, concepts, construction and presentations on this site are the sole property of RedRock Guitars. We do not copy other companies work and we do not allow unlisenced copies, whether actual or a stylistic interpitation of RRG designs and all instruments. All designs have been legally  protected in accordance with local and national laws. By viewing any image of RRG or any image of a RRG product you agree never to copy or otherwise use for personal or commercial gain said image or images without expressed consent by RRG.

Having said that, we are all about authorizing manufacturers to produce our work under lisence. Whether you need approval to distribute images internally, build prototypes for testing/marketing or wish to build/market/distribute or designs, please contact us first. We have done enough legally to protect each design and concept. So please: contact us first and we can all be happy.

Bastard Guitar Design and Bass Get a Name: eFin

IMG_3475Whats in a name?

 If you love the ground and I love the sky; will we ever see eye to eye?  

Sometimes it takes a while before the right name applies itself.  I could call it a Thunder Buffalo or that string of alphabet soup some manufacturers tag their models with.

Since I don’t have a celebrity endorser for this guitar yet, it needs a name: eFin.  After playing them for a while and more importantly having others test them, one thing became clear very quickly:

its an eFin great guitar design.

Please tell your favourite manufacturers.

The Truth Behind RedRock Guitars


So what is RedRock Guitars and where can you buy one?

In answer to the second part of the question, you can’t buy one.  And a RedRock Guitar is a guitar designed and crafted by Sean Mara in Vancouver BC Canada.

I design and create each guitar. Their purpose is to prove the concept and to have prototypes for professionals to evaluate.  The guitars are available for tours and studio work. These guitars are hand made pieces of art. The uniqueness, build hours/process, materials and heart that goes into them is something that prices them out of the market.  My goal is to have the designs made and marketed by a major manufacturer. That will make my work affordable and accessible to everyone.  So instead of making a few bucks selling a  guitar I created, I connect it to an endorser, present that to a manufacturer and bring to market. Thats why I don’t sell them. I’m more likely to “gift it” to an professional artist.

Contact your favourite guitar manufacturer and let them know about us. That is the best endorsement we could ever receive.

We talk guitar and would love to talk to you.

Update: Unnamed Guitars and Bass Complete


I get asked a lot: which is best, bolt on, set-neck or neck-thru-body?  Well one way to answer that was to make 3 similar instruments using these different construction methods. The results? Well, the bolt on is the bass because most basses I’ve liked have been bolt on. Something about is is…subjective. Like the  other 2 guitars play and sound different. The neck-thru is tight and meaty while the set-neck is full of surprising tones. Did I mention the set-neck neck wood is 1000 years old with 100 grains per inch? And one piece quartersawn.  Not a typo, its a very very special piece and I’m sure its mojo is whats got me so stoked! More on them all later.  I really love what I am doing and whats being produced. Art.

Update: Vancouver Guitar Show = Click Click

So I did the VGS Nov 9. The reaction was excellent. Some thought they were seeing a new life form and others accepted them with open picking arms. One thing is for sure though: There were a lot of picture takers in suits.  Wish they would come up with their own designs and concepts…speaking of which, here’s a pic of the un-named series. One is a set-neck, one is a neck-thru-body and the medium scale bass is a machined bolt on. So far, the black one and the yellow one is complete. Amazing.



RedRock Unveiling Mara Guitar Designs at Vancouver Guitar Show November 9

IMG_3040After a nice relaxing break on the Island, we are getting ready to show Vancouver guitarists something new. We will be displaying at the Vancouver Guitar Show November 9th. The objective is not sales but just to talk to guitarists and get feedback about our designs and construction. Pretty low key, will probably have a draw for something free.  We’ll have a few new guitar and bass designs as well as our Attilazaster guitar and Tracy Bass. We will also bring the Amazing 1-day Build Newman style Keith Richards 5 string slide guitar. Its a real mutt, made with reject woods all in 1 day.

Please support the show. Todd puts a lot of work into this and Vancouver is lucky to have the oppertunity. Come on down, talk guitars, play guitars.